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Tips for Getting Flight Delay Compensation

A right of compensation for a flight delay of more than three hours is there for you when you choose a flight that belongs to the EU regulation. It is good for you to check-in time and confirm the reservation. Also, if you were transferred by an air carrier to another flight for which will cause the delay without any good reason given to you, you are subjected to claims for the delays. Upon successful compensation, there are various ways through which you will get the money back. If you are thinking about filing for the compensation, here is the guide to make the process easy for you.

It is good for you to start the complaint first at the airline. This is the starting point that you need to know about. After letting the airline know and not fruits is when you can proceed. There is a form which you need to fill which has the rights which you are complaining about in this process. Make sure you are completing the form in capital letters and tick the appropriate options according to the situation. Print the form and sign it where you will have to scan and email it to the authorities.

The second step is for you to complain to the national authorities and this follow the previous process where you have to wait for their reply. There is a national enforcement body which you need to channel your claims which you need to email them and explain to them what happened. You will, therefore, get a legal opinion from the body on how you will be able to continue with your claims. For you to be safe, you need to know more about the airline for better complaint channeling. If the airport departure is outside the EU, you are required to contact the body that is at the destination of the flight.

Online dispute resolution platform is also there for the EU nationals. It will be possible for you to complain online if you bought the ticket online. You are assured that they are going to work on your dispute well and get compensated. Alternative dispute resolution entity also will be of much importance for you in this case where they will look into your case and propose a solution. If you find out that everything is not working, filing a lawsuit is necessary.

When checking out on the delay caused, some events may not be avoided and will include bad weather, strikes at the airport, bird strikes, political influence and also air traffic control restriction. There are also airline obligations which you need to know about. When you want to submit the compensation, you don’t have to delay but immediate submission is important. Finally, you will find it easy to get the flight delay compensation with this guide.
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